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Onsite Cabling Site Survey and Assessment



Matrix-NDI will help you get a handle on your specific installation needs through an on-site survey. Site surveys will show you your current cabling infrastructure and help show problems you may not be aware of in hopes of minimizing surprises during the actual installation. We will help you determine the feasibility of an installation, budgetary constraints, and whether there is a need for specialty tools or supplies.


Matrix-NDI will:

  • Assess your current cabling environment
  • Map cabling pathways for most efficient routing
  • Determine distance limitations
  • Create a project duration
  • Provide recommendations based on results that adhere to industry best practices



Onsite WLAN Site Survey and Assessment Goal

Capture statistics and expertly assess current wireless LAN (WLAN) environment in order to determine effects of RF interference and determine if individual AP RF transmit power and channel assignments are configured correctly. If not, provide recommendations and technical guidance for re-configuration of the WLAN system for optimum performance.


Matrix-NDI will:

  • Provide onsite WLAN site survey tools and services for the purpose of determining existing signal coverage, strength and interference present for the existing wireless network,
  • Generate report(s) showing existing 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi signal coverage, broadcasting access points (APs), rogue and neighboring APs and SSIDs for all building,
  • Determine effect of co-channel and adjacent channel interference on network performance from neighboring APs,
  • If needed, recommend re-positioning or addition of APs to improve signal coverage or performance in high density areas,
  • If needed, develop a 2.4 and 5GHz channel plan, based on site survey results, designating a specific channel to be configured for each AP radio

•    Provide recommendation(s), based on site survey results, for minimum and maximum transmit power levels for individual APs

“Matrix Communications, Inc. has been a partner with Richfield Schools for several years supporting our voice messaging platform Recently Richfield Schools went out to competitive bid for a new IP Telephony platform, data switching network and wireless network. We selected Matrix for all three of these strategic platforms. Matrix demonstrated a history of successful integration of the setechnologies and employs a tenured project team. Even though there was a very aggressive timeline for deployment, the Matrix Team exceeded our expectations and delivered on all of their commitments. We look forward to many more years of partnership with Matrix.”

-Anthony Padrnos ED.S. Director of Technology – Customer since 2017

Richfield Public Schools